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About Us

The website of NPUST Institutional Repository is designed as a portal and platform for all knowledge users. Through automatic data collection functions, they could obtain the latest information on Institutional Repository from the website which aims to achieve the following objectives:
  1. To provide an integrated platform for sharing professional data and knowledge, and to foster the collection of relevant data.
  2. To make the portal and external service have close interaction.
  3. To fulfill the goal of intellectualization of the portal content through an integrated process.
  4. To ensure the data are easy-to-find and reliable.
  5. An open service with flexibility and extension.
  6. Global services.
With the support of the Teaching Excellence Project of Ministry of Education, the extent of this project is as follows:
  1. To build a portal for Institutional Repository of NPUST and a variety of home pages of Digital Archives, including Digital Archives of Agriculture Technology, Digital Database of Meteorology Station, Digital Archives of Exhibition Hall of Agricultural Implements, Applied Knowledge Pool of Fashion Design, as well as a search system for the data in all the research rooms and laboratories.
  2. To build a Digital Archives system.
  3. To connect to the website of Digital Archives of NPUST Library and the website of the Exhibition Hall of Agricultural Implements.
  4. To connect to the website of NTUR.
  5. System Implementation and Training.
  6. To build servers.
  7. Plan Structure(Figure 1)
    Sub-project director: Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Chang-Hsien Tai
    Executive Department: Computer Center

    Featured Digital Archives Contacts:
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    Computer Center Sheau-Ru Tong #6140
      Yen-Yen Liu #6146
    Integration of Academic Databases of Colleges Extension
    Computer Center Deng-Neng Chen #7904
      Mitchell Kuo mitchell@mail.npust.edut.w #6042
    Setup of NPUST Library Institutional Repository Extension
    NPUST Library Yeong-Huey Wu #5066
      Rong-Yu Su #7277
    Setup of Digital Archives of Agriculture Technology Extension
    Department of Forestry Sheng-Zehn Yang #7401
    Department of Plant Protection Tsui-Ying Chang #6184
    Department of Wood Science and Design Sheu-Cheng Peng #7138
    The Department of Veterinary Medicine Rey-Shyong Chern #5073
    Setup of Digital Database of Meteorology Station Extension
    Department of Soil and Water Conservation Chi Tang #7177
    Setup of Digital Archives of Exhibition Hall of Agricultural Implements Extension
    Exhibition Hall of Agricultural Implements Pomin LI #6435
    Setup of Applied Knowledge Pool of Fashion Design Extension
    Department of Apparel Sang-Song Lai #7103
    Setup of Liudai Hakka Culture and Industry Digital Archives Extension
    Graduate Institute of Hakka Cultural Institute He-Xian Chen #7432
      Chun-Chun Zeng #7962