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With the rampant development of World Wide Web, knowledge sharing is an inevitable trend. The objective of 「Institutional Repository or IR 」is to organize, integrate, and repository research or teaching results on the internet in a digital and systematic method.

Apart from ideal repository of academic achievements and research progress, most importantly, IR provides intelligent and diversified search service through the internet to effectively expand the research and teaching accomplishments and bring them to the international stage. Meanwhile, it can display and broaden the scope of the general research capability and results, so as to increase international reputation and academic status of the university.

NPUST, situated in the Kaohsiung-Pingtung area, has been following the excellent tradition that has been in place ever since its founding as an agricultural institute. Along with the engineering, management and humanities departments, it has become a well-equipped university of technology with developing potential. Currently, NPUST is an exclusive university of technology which is comprised of agriculture, forestry, fishery, animal husbandry, engineering, management, and humanities departments in the nation. All the departments have accumulated abundant research and teaching achievements in each area. In the past few years, all the schools or research rooms have built their exclusive websites, providing download service of full content of theses or teaching materials. Through「Pingtung University Institutional Repository, PUIR」, it has established the Institutional Repository platform in the 96th academic year, integrating existing academic research databases and providing a portal site for academic archives. Building a complete research and teaching statistics database aims to facilitate search and review for academic results and will help develop the database of digital archives of each school or research center.

Overall, as shown in figure 1, the portal site of IR provides content and search services. The content of IR will contain comprehensive research accomplishments, including dissertations, journals, conference papers, articles in press, working papers, technical reports, research schemes, workshops, and teaching materials, which could be in word, voice, image or audio forms. This program also intends to build a full text and keyword retrieval system to assist interoperability of cross disciplines and adopts an open access model for the users in the international environment. The sources of IR will come from databases of academic research, featured databases, and real-time information of research or service centers in all schools.