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Herbarium of PPI is located in the Department of Forestry, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology. This herbarium was founded in 1958 by the late Professor Chin-En Chang. In the following year, in 1999, Dr. Sheng-Zehn Yang resumed the herbarium’s operations and registered the herbarium as "PPI" (herbarium, Provincial Pingtung Institue) in the Index Herbariorum. Dr. Yang served as PPI curator until now. PPI collects mainly vascular plants found in Taiwan (including its outlying islands, especially Lanyu and Luato island). As of January 2009, over 69,500 determinated specimens have been numbered. PPI exchanges duplicates with some academic institutions around the world and focuses on acquiring plants from East Asia (especially mainland China and Japan). PPI specimens are made with the utmost care, and each specimen label contains a complete set of information. PPI is a research and teaching center of plant identification. It is a data storage and provides the biologist, ecologist, taxonomist and other relative researchers for systematic studies. It has become an important institution providing plant information in southern Taiwan. Video Introduction

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