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Liu Dwei is home of the Hakka group in southern Taiwan, where posses rich history and culture of Hakka. The plan is conducted by National Pingtung University of Science and Technology. By combining special business and leisure activities with culture, many aspects of Hakka culture, including language, festival, traditional buildings, historical lectures, music and dance will be explored. Then the above database will be stored digitally so that they can be useful for broadening Hakka culture and studying in the future. Video Introduction

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No. Title Subject Provider
1 鍾氏家族結婚照 生命禮俗 曾純純
2 李氏家族掃墓 生命禮俗 曾純純
3 竹田鄉福田村三棵芒果樹伯公廟-對聯文字 傳統建築 李芃蓁
4 長治鄉長興村永鎬祠-宗祠 傳統建築 邱豐賢
5 長治鄉長興村永鎬祠-天官賜祿香座位 傳統建築 邱豐賢
6 長治鄉長興村永鎬祠-金爐 傳統建築 邱豐賢
7 長治鄉長興村永鎬祠-台階 傳統建築 邱豐賢
8 長治鄉長興村永鎬祠-堂號 傳統建築 邱豐賢
9 長治鄉長興村永鎬祠-對聯 傳統建築 邱豐賢
10 長治鄉長興村永鎬祠-窗戶 傳統建築 邱豐賢
Record: 325 , Page: 1/ 33 , Show | | To | | Garllery