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This is the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology’s official Wood Anatomy website. Please enter and browse the pictures of wood samples and slices to learn about both the micro and macro structures, as well as the uses of each species of wood. Now covering 320 species. Free! Interactive! Come in and Explore! Video Introduction

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No. Scientific name Chinese name Creator
1 Calophyllum spp. 粉打莪 彭淑貞
2 Shorea spp. 黃美蘭地 彭淑貞
3 Anisoptera spp. 桂蘭 彭淑貞
4 Shorea spp. 淺紅美蘭地 彭淑貞
5 Parashorea spp. 紅柳桉 彭淑貞
6 Shorea spp. 深紅美蘭地 彭淑貞
7 Shorea uliginosa 深紅美蘭地 彭淑貞
8 Acer saccharinum 軟楓 彭淑貞
9 Libocedrus decurrens 美國西部肖楠 彭淑貞
10 Fraxinus griffithii 光臘樹 彭淑貞
Record: 366 , Page: 1/ 37 , Show | | To | | Garllery